A2 – Basic Level II

Basic knowledge


Basic Knowledge

The participants have previous knowledge of the German language and learn to communicate appropriately in familiar everyday situations, to read and understand simple texts.


Books Netzwerk A2 (Klett Verlag)
Course duration 8 weeks
Duration 160 hours
Fee 580 € + 35 € for books
Course content

In Basic Level II, the participants learn to extract information from simple texts and to provide simple information. They should learn to express themselves a little more precisely and that’s why they will start using subordinate clauses. You will practice conversations, write short texts and practice listening comprehension so that you become more and more accustomed to understanding and using the German language. Each lesson begins with a double-sided entry into the topic and into the grammar of the lesson. This is followed by double pages on reading, listening, speaking and writing.

The main topics are:

– school and career

– News and reports

– countries and people

– Wishes

– Sport and health

– Professional world and ideas

– Humor, everyday life and politics

– history and future

– Culture and leisure with a German course in Hanover

– Languages ​​and encounters with German course Hanover