B1 – Basic Level III

Advanced language use



Advanced language use


The students have basic knowledge of the German language, which of course will be deepened. Using modern learning methods, speaking in everyday situations, writing and listening comprehension are practiced. Classes have a strong communicative approach.


Books Aspekte 1 (Klett Verlag)
Course duration 8 weeks
Duration 160 hours
Fee 580 € + 36 € for books
Course content 

When the students attend Basic Level III, they have already learned a lot about the German language. You can already talk about simple topics such as “shopping”, “family”, “travel” and “work” and express them in writing.

In this course level you will learn to tell about your experiences, wishes in more detail and  have simple discussions with your classmates. It is important that they can justify and represent their opinions in a dialogue.

After completing Basic Level III, students should be able to participate in simple discussions and understand simple texts and newspaper articles. The basic level of grammar is repeated and deepened and the students learn to hold conversations about interesting topics