About us



The Bildungsakademie Herrenhausen was founded in 2007 as a response to the poor educational and professional success of children and adolescents with a migration background. At that time, the aim was to enable children and adolescents with a migration background in Garbsen / Hanover language and school support, tailored to their individual needs, by founding a tutoring facility.

 In addition to its range of courses for schoolchildren, the association also offers courses in adult education. In addition, there are language courses in German, integration courses in cooperation with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

In everyday work, the aspects of language promotion, multilingualism and the promotion of intercultural competence are of great importance. The Bildungsakademie Herrenhausen is an association that exclusively and directly pursues non-profit purposes such as the common good, promoting integration and the acceptance of other cultures. Funding is provided through monthly contributions from club members, donations and course fees.

 The association defines itself as non-party and therefore does not pursue any political, denominational or economic goals. Freedom-democratic principles and cultural-ethical values ​​form the basis of our actions.


Regular adult education seminars, cultural festivals and excursions are further important pillars of our funding program.


  • Tuition (German, English, math etc. from 3rd grade up to high school)
  • Private lessons
  • Integration courses
  • Language courses
  • Bilingual kindergarten
  • Social activities
  • Advice for refugees