Tutoring process

Our association Bildungsakademie Herrenhausen in Hanover develops flexible tutoring measures. On the one hand, we offer focused and targeted support for our students in individual lessons, but also support in small groups of students with the same level of learning. It is important, first of all, to recognize with patience and without time pressure in which area problems exist. Then, after a detailed assessment of the learning status, an attempt is made to determine an ideal, tailored support plan for the student. That tutoring plan is constantly being developed. We mainly offer a focus in the general main subjects: Math, German, English, Latin. Minor subjects are of course also taught, such as: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Politics, History.

Tutoring staff

Our tutors also take part in a test assessment before they are hired and have to convince us of their soft skills in a detailed application process. Because above all, the soft skills are to be mentioned as positive distinguishing features that make a student’s success.

Communication makes the difference

The better the relationship between a student and his teacher, the more motivated the collaboration and the greater the student’s self-confidence evolve. Furthermore, we must not forget the very important part of parents in the learning process. The greater the support from parents at home, the greater the likelihood of sustainable success with us. We are in close contact with the parents because they know the students best. The parents are always informed about the positive progress but also about the difficulties.

Learning atmosphere

The ideal case is that students feel more comfortable with us than at school because they understand it with us. It is important that you listen carefully and have patience when working with the student. Errors are allowed, because the higher the error rate, the faster you can progress in the process, since many errors lead to understanding. For this reason, mistakes are welcome because they are important for our teachers and students in the learning process. This mind set in learning takes us forward and creates motivation and joy in learning.

Homework support

The Bildungsakademie Herrenhausen e.V. in Hanover offers free homework support from Monday to Thursday. Everyone is welcome.

Help with the application

In addition to technical support, we also offer other help, such as for an application for an internship or for general paperwork.