First-Aid-Course saves lives!

In an emergency, not only drivers need to know how to act quickly and correctly and how to become victims of accidents. The stable side position or the heart massage in an emergency life at home, at work or when you are at the supermarket. Nobody can tell when your help is needed. For this reason, the first aid course is not only a must for aspiring traffic participants.

According to a Forsa-Survey, 70 percent of all German citizens are not sure to revive another person in an emergency situation.

There were named three key reasons :

  • causes to touch a stranger
  • occur before another mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • fear susceptible to pathogens

And 80 objects state that they are doing something wrong out of fear of preferring to remain undone. That costs human lives.

Stable side position or heart massage save lives!

Some things you learned in the first aid course:

 How do you proceed at the emergency location?

What do you do when someone is passed out? (e.g. stable side position, helmet removal for motorcyclists)

What do you do if someone can not breath? (e.g. heart-lung repetitions)

What do you do if someone has “chest problems”? (e.g. with a heart attack) and much more

Since April 1st, 2020 you can register for your First-Aid-Course at the Herrenhausen Institute.

Current dates for the first aid course:

First aid courses with no waiting times. Current dates and information on registration can be found at our Institute.