For students with a very good knowledge of the German language



For students with a very good knowledge of the German language



When do I have to complete a preparatory course?


Foreign applicants who apply for admission to a university in Germany, just like German applicants, need a university entrance qualification. If the eligibility to study in your home country is not considered to be equivalent to the German “Abitur”, you have to do a one-year pre-study course, which means you have to attend the so-called Studienkolleg.


Our preparatory courses in the German course in Hanover prepare you for academic studies at a local university or university of applied sciences. The entrance test essentially consists of two parts: the German language and the mathematical one. The following basic knowledge is required for German, although no dictionary may be used:


  • Vocabulary of the general language (no technical language)
  • All tenses in active and passive (without subjunctive)
  • Adjective and noun declension
  • Subordinate clauses
  • prepositions



The following are checked in mathematics (without calculator):


  • Basic arithmetic operations with integers and fractions
  • Fundamentals of algebra (arithmetic with letters)
  • Simple linear equations with one or two unknowns
  • Quadratic equations
  • Power calculations
  • Basic geometric terms (simple area and volume calculations, Pythagoras, ray sets)
  • Linear functions and their representation in the coordinate system



The participants are accompanied by lecturers with many years of professional experience and prepared for the preparatory college.

Inform yourself without obligation, because there is hardly anything standing in the way of studying here in Germany!