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The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(GER) provides recommendations which should help to make standards in the area of ​​foreign language acquisition, language use and language skills of learners comparable, geared to needs and transparent.


In this regard, the European Framework of Reference divides all of the listed language tests in Europe into six levels of difficulty; In this way, offers from different providers can be compared better.


Starting with level A1 up to C1 / C1 university preparatory course, different language levels can be passed through and acquired at the educational academy.


What can you imagine?


The subject area of ​​level A1 roughly covers the following behavior:


  • understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and simple sentences
  • communicate slowly and clearly, also about objects
  • introduce yourself and other people
  • ask them questions


Level C1, on the other hand, requires such requirements:


  • fluent use of language without noticeably having to “search for words”
  • demanding texts and complex topics are understood and reproduced in a reflective manner
  • Differentiation of factual content including implicit meanings clearly structured, detailed and specific statements

German – the language of poets and thinkers


As Frank Harris, an Irish-English author, used to say:

“Every new language is like an open window that opens up a new outlook on the world and broadens the way of life.”

Let’s open the window on the German language together and immerse yourself in the new world of the unknown.

First of all, let us give a brief introduction to German: it is a language used by around 105 million people as their mother tongue and at least 80 million as a foreign language. It is spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

 German is certainly not as melodic as French, not as expressive as Italian and not as common as English. His grammatical precision and syntactic abstraction drove German philosophers, poets, writers and scientists to their top mental form. The works of Leibniz, Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche in philosophy; Goethe, Schiller and Heine in poetry; Mann, Böll and Hesse in literature; Einstein, Gutenberg and Reis in science shaped entire epochs worldwide, changed and improved our world and belong to their cultural heritage. Dare to take the plunge into German! 

A German proverb says: “The best German is that comes from the heart.” Let your heart speak and learn the language of the poets and thinkers!

 Our doors are open to you. We look forward to you, your team German course Hanover.

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