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Internationaler Jugendsprachkurs

(22.03. – 05.04.2020)

Sind Sie DaF-Lehrkraft und überlegen sich, mit Ihrer Schulklasse einen Ausflug nach Deutschland zu machen? Dann sind Sie genau richtig bei uns.

German language course

German language course Hannover, Language school, Telc exams Hanover

German courses Hanover

Language is an essential part of communication!

A prerequisite for successful integration or communication within a country is learning the country-specific language. We are committed to education, language and culture here in Germany. It makes an important contribution to social interaction and the appreciative handling of different cultures.

Our language courses are given exclusively by experienced, competent and friendly teachers. Our know-how from educational concepts and memorable learning methods have proven themselves year after year with a number of course participants.

A successful completion with the Europe-wide recognized TELC exams is possible.

If you work in Hanover and want to learn the language beforehand, you’re at the right place. We would be happy to inform you about the schedule for our German courses in Hanover, requirements and other relevant topics related to the teaching area of German as a foreign language.

Are you interested in a German course in Hanover?

Call us and make an appointment for a personal consultation at our educational institution in Hanover. We are happy to bring you closer to Germany, its language and to help you get started in business or study in Hanover. Our team will be happy to assist you. We are your contact for German language courses in Hanover.

Our school is looking forward to welcoming you.

German as a foreign language


German as a foreign language


German as a foreign language


German as a foreign language


Current Course table

Participants with previous knowledge can join all current German courses at any time. Proof of language level is required. A language certificate, which was acquired in Germany, must be presented as proof. If you are not sure which language course to book, we will be happy to help you. You have the opportunity to have your current language skills checked by us on site with a thirty-minute placement test. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about other courses. Your training academy team

Current German Courses in Hannover 

Language school / German course Hanover / telc – Examination Center


 Start     (ongoing) End                         Level                  Afternoon
02.03.2020 27.03.2020 A1.1n      13:00 – 16.00
30.03.2020 24.04.2020 A1.2      13:00 – 16.00
27.04.2020 22.05.2020 A2.1      13:00 – 16:00
25.05.2020 19.06.2020 A2.2      13.00 – 16:00
22.06.2020 17.07.2020 B1.1      13:00 – 16:00
20.07.2020 14.08.2020 B1.2      13:00 – 16:00
17.08.2020 11.09.2020 B2.1      13.00 – 16:00
14.09.2020 09.10.2020 B2.2      13:00 – 16:00
12.10.2020 04.12.2020 C1      13:00 – 16:00



German as a foreign language


Expert language skills 

The students already master the German language at a good level and learn to express themselves verbally and in writing on a variety of topics and to understand most of the texts well.

German as a foreign language


Students with a very good knowledge of the German language

Foreign applicants who apply for admission to a university in Germany, just like German applicants, need a university entrance qualification.

Central location

Teaching individuality

Free support

Modern classrooms


In our courses in Hanover we are able to offer your child either targeted individual support or support in small groups with students of the same learning level. Depending on whether you want a more technically intensive lesson or want to promote your child’s ability to work in a team: both forms have their advantages.