The Bildungsakademie Herrenhausen e.V. has been certified according to the internationally recognized quality standard ISO 9001: 2008 since December 18, 2015.


Since October 2018 we have added our quality standard to AZAV.


High quality in our offers has been the first priority for Bildungsakademie Herrenhausen e.V.


Now we have our own claim confirmed by an official certification. We are happy to be able to offer you our services at a very high level.


Education is a special service. Each individual can only form himself! However, educational institutions can significantly support the educational process through their services. However, the learners are particularly responsible for the result of the educational process, the learning success; the educational institutions create the space for this. Because this is the case, educational institutions need their own quality management based on the educational process.


We attach great importance to individual teaching and support planning as well as support from qualified staff. The learning content is conveyed on various learning channels, including through the use of different media, such as. B. projectors, tablets, television, DVD players, self-learning elements and small group work. Our teachers in the German course in Hanover receive regular further training and place great value on teamwork and developing the learning plan for our institution.