Mission Statement




The Herrenhausen Education Academy stands for demand-oriented and customer-oriented language teaching and guarantees quality in education.

In order to be able to offer consistently good services regardless of the person performing the work, we are committed to following the principles below.

Customer focus


We understand customers as immigrants, students and locals who want to improve their German language skills or to bring them to a certain level. In addition, we also count all students from the third grade up to high school who want to improve their grades among our customers.


The focus is on the successful further training of the customer. That is why we orient ourselves to the individual requirements and wishes of the customers, so that their satisfaction is guaranteed. After that, the quality of our work is measured, which evolves with the constantly changing requirements. We strive for close cooperation with the customers and therefore place great value on the evaluation of our services by the customers in order to be able to continuously implement improvements.



We employ qualified full-time staff in management, teaching and administration, as well as qualified full-time and part-time teachers. Ongoing professional and pedagogical training is carried out for full-time and part-time staff.

Spatial and functional equipment

The learning rooms (classrooms) correspond to the type and equipment of modern adult pedagogical and technical criteria and are adapted to the target groups. The learning and office space used and the sanitary facilities meet the requirements of the Workplace Ordinance.

Educational offer

Potential course participants receive clear statements from us regarding the required entrance qualification and the learning requirements. We will advise you personally to enable participant-oriented and appropriate learning.

The teaching and learning material corresponds to the didactic requirements and standards.

All offers are based on a didactic-methodical concept.

The events focus on a variety of methods.


Our advertising messages are truthful and serious.

 Our course offers are transparent with regard to: objectives, participation requirements, conditions of participation, completion, duration, location, price, number of lessons, methods used, examination modalities, terms and conditions.