B2 – Intermediate I

Independent usage of language


independent usage of language

The participants have mastered the basics of the German language and practice reading, writing and verbally discussing complex topics.

Books Aspekte 2 (Klett Verlag)
Course duration 8 weeks
Duration 160 hours
Course fee 580 € + 36 € for books

The intermediate level I is very concerned with repeating the grammar that has been learned in the basic level and it is practiced to use it in more complex contexts. In addition, students are taught the learning techniques to help solve problems that arise when learning the German language. Since the students are able communicate fluently at this level, the topics in the classroom become more abstract. Personal and formal letters are written, pictures described, assumptions made, and the advantages and disadvantages of various issues are discussed. It is now expected that students will take on a large part of speaking in the classroom and regularly write texts in which they express their opinions on a certain topic.


The main topics are:


– People

– cities

– language

– love

– Job

– future

– Media

– Automobile